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30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 2

Write about one piece of new technology that you’d like to use this year and why. I’d like to better utilize mobile devices in the field for uploading data and curating at a later time. Example: students take video, pictures, … Continue reading

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A New Found Respect For Single Parents @teachthought #reflectiveteacher Day 1

This post is dedicated to Janna I recently had the opportunity to spend five nights and six days with my daughters. This was the longest stretch of parenting alone I had done. On Day 3, I started to realize how … Continue reading

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The Next Few Weeks…

The phone will not be getting parked in the basket right when I walk in the door. In fact, I will be bringing the phone with me to the supper table. The iPad & laptop do need to be open, … Continue reading

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Can This Be True? @corey_livieri @emmy_mccabe @krauseunc @phillklamm

Duty free lunch. I’m hacking/tinkering/designing a bit. The Avett Brothers Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise hits my Pandora and I cry. Just a bit, a mist of a tear. But my heart flutters and I feel it. For the … Continue reading

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Failure – When Facilitating PD Goes Wrong

“Failure is good.” That’s something I say and write about often.  But failure is painful.  I just failed. I was facilitating a Google Apps For Education (#GAFE) Intro to Drive for my colleagues.  I didn’t fail to prepare. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Missing Advisory

I miss my kids. The Kornerstone Krew. I miss Chris, Parker, Liz, Savannah, and Harlie- I miss Green Bay. The Dragons of JDAL, I miss the Wizard, Iz-ak, and HalfSwag. Opening circle. Closing circle. Learning and community are not the … Continue reading

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School Log – Day 1

It’s about rising at 4:45am It’s about the excitement of getting to do the morning routine once again It’s about tears- new beginnings sometimes lead to letting go It’s a recognition of doing a job worthy of my full attention It’s … Continue reading

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