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Can This Be True? @corey_livieri @emmy_mccabe @krauseunc @phillklamm

Duty free lunch. I’m hacking/tinkering/designing a bit. The Avett Brothers Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise hits my Pandora and I cry. Just a bit, a mist of a tear. But my heart flutters and I feel it. For the … Continue reading

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Failure – When Facilitating PD Goes Wrong

“Failure is good.” That’s something I say and write about often.  But failure is painful.  I just failed. I was facilitating a Google Apps For Education (#GAFE) Intro to Drive for my colleagues.  I didn’t fail to prepare. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Missing Advisory

I miss my kids. The Kornerstone Krew. I miss Chris, Parker, Liz, Savannah, and Harlie- I miss Green Bay. The Dragons of JDAL, I miss the Wizard, Iz-ak, and HalfSwag. Opening circle. Closing circle. Learning and community are not the … Continue reading

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School Log – Day 1

It’s about rising at 4:45am It’s about the excitement of getting to do the morning routine once again It’s about tears- new beginnings sometimes lead to letting go It’s a recognition of doing a job worthy of my full attention It’s … Continue reading

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#KWEC13 Analysis, Takeaways, Takebacks, What’s Next – Part 2

Part 1 of my #KWEC13 reflection, I focused on the journey out, and the type of conference in which practitioners work fro 16 – 20 hour days. This post is an analysis of #KWEC13 from my point of view. As such, … Continue reading

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Expanding Learning – #KWEC13 Reflection Part 1 Journey

Essential Question: what is community? I am breaking my #KWEC13 blog post into two parts. Part 1 is the journey, and will focus on the experience of the conference. Part 1 is a stream of conscious reflection of the entire … Continue reading

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The Documenting Has Changed, Will Schools Adapt?

In the arch of interacting with social media, a definite trend appears to have staying power. That trend is people documenting the funny remarks made by their young children. I spend very little time on Facebook, and extraordinarily too much … Continue reading

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Departing With Gratitude

In August of 2012, I was holding my daughter at home for the first time. My cell phone buzzed. I ignored it. I was deep in the moment of fatherhood. A moment when priorities are appropriately aligned. I knew what … Continue reading

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#NaNoWriMo 2012 Reflection

It’s done. Well, almost done… in 95 minutes national novel writing month ends & thne I need to return to using proper grammer, spacing, and such It’s been a great month. I wish I would have stuck to my goal. … Continue reading

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Apologies – #NaNoWriMo

It’s been less than 2 hours… And already, I feel a need to apologize. I apologize first and foremost to my family. There’s guaranteed to be water cups in the bathroom. Possibly half drank coffee cups by the bed, and … Continue reading

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