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Desk Drawer, Day 8 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Topic: What is in your desk drawer, and what can you infer from those contents?   The completely un-staged picture of my “desk”. I put desk in quotes because I’m trying to get away from the desk. The golf ball came … Continue reading

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Most Inspirational Colleague, Day 6 – 30 Day Challenge

Topic: Who was/is your most inspirational colleague and why? @PhillKlamm I would not be in the Edgerton, Wisconsin if it were not for Phill Klamm. Want to get inspired?  Go to Phill’s website: He’s leaving his post as Associate Principal of … Continue reading

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What do you love most about teaching? Day 4 @teachthought #reflectiveteacher

What do you love most about teaching? I love the people. I love the grind, the excitement, the gut wrenching defeat of having young people share their greatest sorrows. I love being present for that. Because I am learning to … Continue reading

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30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 2

Write about one piece of new technology that you’d like to use this year and why. I’d like to better utilize mobile devices in the field for uploading data and curating at a later time. Example: students take video, pictures, … Continue reading

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A New Found Respect For Single Parents @teachthought #reflectiveteacher Day 1

This post is dedicated to Janna I recently had the opportunity to spend five nights and six days with my daughters. This was the longest stretch of parenting alone I had done. On Day 3, I started to realize how … Continue reading

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School Log – Day 1

It’s about rising at 4:45am It’s about the excitement of getting to do the morning routine once again It’s about tears- new beginnings sometimes lead to letting go It’s a recognition of doing a job worthy of my full attention It’s … Continue reading

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#KWEC13 Analysis, Takeaways, Takebacks, What’s Next – Part 2

Part 1 of my #KWEC13 reflection, I focused on the journey out, and the type of conference in which practitioners work fro 16 – 20 hour days. This post is an analysis of #KWEC13 from my point of view. As such, … Continue reading

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